Lakes Charitable Trust Trading As

Performing Arts Charitable Trust

Performing Arts Charitable Trust is inspired by our local talent in the performing arts, the need for all to be included no matter your disability or culture, and those who have financial restrictions but have a real passion and talent for the arts. Often these are factors which prevent our youth from accessing tuition and opportunities centered around the performing arts. 

PACT was established under the name Lakes Charitable Trust in 2018 in Rotorua, NZ, by Rebecca & Quintin Brake.  In 2019 Lakes Charitable Trust was granted Charitable status and was re-branded Performing Arts Charitable Trust (PACT) to help align with our current objectives.  We endeavour to support the cultural development of the community to ensure performing arts can be accessed by everyone to flourish in our communities.

In 2021 PACT acquired Lakes Performing Arts Company rebranding as Lake Performing Arts Centre - Herēhia to  ensure the Performing arts can remain for the community and the whole Whānau can enjoy it.

Scholarship Program

Helping Others

PACT provides scholarships to students who require assistance with funding projects and tuition in Performing Arts.  

Performing Arts Opportunities

Inclusiveness For All

Helping fund specialist and community performing arts 

classes to ensure all community members 

have opportunities in the arts

Travel Opportunities

Bringing opportunities home

We aim to help fund individuals or special groups in the Performing Arts to one-off events, classes, or workshops that will be beneficial to both the advancement of learning in their selected fields and gaining knowledge that can be passed onto the community.

Community Events

Introducing the public to the arts

Helping organise local community events to bring the Performing Arts to the public eye, while also putting the spot- light on our local talent.

Performing Arts Tuition

Inspiring the passion of Performing arts

PACT owns and operates Lake Performing Arts Centre, ensuring affordable arts tuition is available for the all whānau in our community

"The noblest art is that of making others happy"

P.T. Barnum

07 460 0461

1215 Hinemoa St
Rotorua, 3010
New Zealand

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